Top 5 Skype alternatives apps for PC

Long Long ago went the time when we used to crave to see the elegant faces our grandparents who lived quite a thousand miles away from us! Here in the age of Skype and other video calling apps we are immuned enough to contact a person who is thousand miles away and have a face-to-face conversation. So, herein we are rolling out the Best 5 Alternatives other than skype which you can used to video call your loved ones and have a face talk.

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Skype is trending from 2003 and people are drooling over this app and relying not only for personal but professional front. It is a hub to leave messages for making video calls or even doing online chat or chats or even sending audio messages or pictures. Quite, as usual with features come flaws and Skype being no exception is also having quite a good ones. So, if you are in mood to try some new apps or are facing some blocking flaws with skype, here I am giving you best 5 alternatives to skype with are as immuned and totally worth your switch!

  1. Google Hangout

google hangoutGoogle hangout is one of the best apps that has the ability to replace Skype. Hangout was originally made for Gmail account holders. But now they have a different website that is updated every year. The good news is that users can chat with their friends while working on computer via Google Hangout, and when the work is done they can always continue their chat via mobile. Google hangout has the best video quality, maybe even better than Skype.


 2. Viber

Viber-logoIt began as a mobile application and now its  working perfectly on the big screen. The biggest restriction is that both the side should have viber on their devices. In this way its totally free for both. The best part is that there are no advertisements.



    3. ooVoo

oovooooVoo is really fun. You can do video calling and chat at the same time as well as you can always invite friends from Facebook. The best part they don’t even need to have ooVoo on their phones. Of course this application is also available for PC. Believe me its really fun. There are free and premium options, now its your call to take!



4. WeChat

wechatWeChat has a very clear cut user interface. Its not at all difficult to understand. It provides you with free messaging option, text messaging, voice calling, group calling and walkie – talkie options. When ever someone calls you, you can see a red light flashing on the screen. At the time of video chatting, you can always find people to video chat by locating their exact location. The quality is of course good, but not exactly like Skype.



   5. Line

lineLine is especially designed according to its unique features – it lets you explore video chatting, send videos, text messages, stickers and much more. One restriction is there that is both the sides should have Line on their devices. Till now it was only available for smartphones but now its available for the big screen also.




These were few alternatives for Skype. There are many. If you know any, please let me know by writing your comments below as soon as possible. Thank you!

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Vidmate for PC

Vidmate for PC

Vidmate is a pretty neat video downloader, in case you don’t know. The size is pretty small and it still packs a punch.

The video downloader doubles up as an audio downloader, web browser, meme generator and so much more. If that wasn’t enough, the results are customizable according to your location, and your app also keeps your videos in a secret stash if everyone being able to view it isn’t your thing.

Surprised? It’s real. What’s more, you can get it for your PC too. Vidmate is designed especially for Android Phones, but that has never stopped netizens from discovering easy ways to get the apps to run on their PCs. this time too, Android Emulators come to your rescue.Vidmate for PC

Android Emulators are really simple programs that run an Android OS in a single window on your PC. This makes it possible for your device to run any and every Android app on your device. The software genre was initially used exclusively by developers, but it is so easy to operate that it is now on the tiips of kids as young as 11.

Here’s how you can get Vidmate on your PC:

  1. Get an Android Emulator
    Free ones like Andy ( and BlueStacks ( are available for free. There are other emulators like ManyMo that are exclusively online emulators. Take your pick.
  2. Install the Emulator and Log in with a google account
    The google account enables the emulator to access the Play Store and access the apk files. You can make a fresh one if you like, and that too within the app.
  3. Download the Vidmate apk file
    The file is a google search away. Download it and keep it handy. it is less than 5 MBs, so it shouldn’t take long.
  4. Open the file with the emulator
    Right Click the file with the mouse and choose “Open With”. Run the file with the emulator by selecting it from the list of programs.
    Alternatively, you can also run the app by dragging and dropping it into the emulator.
  5. The Installation will begin.
    You will be notified.

All you need to do afterwards is open the emulator to use the app.

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garageband on pc

How to use GarageBand on PC

What Is Garageband?

To recall the bands in the 90’s and of course to pay a tibute to the music industry of that time, Apple came up with a way to help the people today create something similar and draw their attention to the same.

The application has been created to help users create music, edit the same and of course make sure of the instrument lessons that are pre installed into the application. A number of instruments are preset in the application including piano, guitar, drums and many more.

Also, one can create their own music while hooking up to a guitar and a mic to your iPad or as well computers to begin finally. The app records the whole music created by you and then you can make use of the rifts and/or edit the song. With the help of this app, you can also make combinations of instruments with electonicaa along with the preset instruments within the application.

garageband on pc


Once done with the recording, you can as well make mixes of the songs the way you want followed by distribution to various formats or also put it on to the iCloud available on apple itself. With the help of GarageBand for PC, you can connect to iTunes easily and transfer them to your iPod’s or iPhones to hear them later!


Also, there might be many people amongst you who must be wondering how to make use of the application on your PC’s. Well, make use of an Android emulator which will in turn allow you to use iOS applications on your computers. The app, GarageBand is available on both iPad and iPhone, it would be feasible to emulate an iPad and run the application after that.


There are a number of options for iOs emulators but as of now there isn’t any which has an option to make GarageBand work with the use of them. There is limited scope and hence they do not have an option to install and download toher apps.

Only a built in application can make them work on the PC’s if they are integrated well into the system. Currently, there isn’t any feasible option, but could possibly be in the near future.


Now you know all about GarageBand on PC. A little wait or may be another possible way out sometime soon is the only answer to having GarageBand on your PC’s!

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snapchat login

How to use New Snapchat

Snapchat is one of the most amazing applications in the league of so many social networking apps available for use. By now, all the Snapchat lovers might have got well acquainted with the latest update which bought quite a number of changes. There are still many queries coming in from people across the world.

Here is your queue on how to use the new Snapchat!

snapchat login

The new Snapchat surely has this amazing feature which is worth the try! Until now you could draw, text, add captions and of course the filters; but Snapchat now has come up with something out of the box! Here is all about it!


This feature works exclusively on your iPhones as well as on most of the latest android phones having the new versions of the same. The new lens features makes your selfies all the more fun.


Here is your tutorial on how to use the new lens feature in Snapchat:


Step 1: First of all, you need to update the application from your app store and there you begin!

Step 3: Next visit the settings and from the home screen settings, turn on the ‘filters’ option.

Step 3:  After having made sure that you are using the latest version of Snapchat, turn on your front camera as well. Next you have to press the screen for a couple of seconds so that the lenses are loaded on to your screen. Now, keep scrolling horizontally and you will need to follow a set of instructions to be able to use it properly.

Step 4: Have your face ready for a selfie! Yes, this feature is available only for the selfie’s that you take and not the rear camera. Even if these pictures will seem to be crazy, you surely will love them and of course send it to friends!




Lenses are basically meant to make your snaps more fun and of course add on to the effects as well as sounds. We have told you well enough how to make use of the feature as it surely is a highly astounding one and of course makes snapchatting all the more fun!


You can now incorporate this cool feature into your every day snaps and of course surprise the ones who are yet to know about how it works! After all, such applications are meant to make using them fun and unique at the same time!

Happy Snapping!


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whatsapp 3

5 Whatsapp tricks that will definitely change the way you use it!

People say that Christmas brings people together, but Whatsapp has always been the one that has actually brought people together. The application is used by millions of people which are a great amount of fans. We can conclude its likeness by the amount that Facebook paid to acquire Whatsapp, a whopping 19 Billion dollars is the amount that was paid to take over Whatsapp. Well, the application is full of features and everyone uses it so it is pretty obvious that most of the people use this app.

whatsapp 3

The app this great also have some tricks and treats to play with so let us have sneak peek at 5 tricks of Whatsapp.

  1. Lock your Whatsapp and Whatsapp chats

Whatsapp doesn’t actually offers the chat lock feature in the official application but that doesn’t mean that you cannot hide your chats and restrict people from seeing your stuff. There are many applications that are available in the market which will definitely give you no reason to complain. The best application available for the matter is the Whatsapp Lock through which you can easily set up a pin for opening your Whatsapp.

  1. Create shortcuts for your favorite contacts

If you are too lazy to open whatsapp and go to the contact that you wish to talk to, then you can create a shortcut of that account on your home screen which makes it pretty easy to communicate in case of emergencies as you are just one tap away to open the contact’s chat screen. All you need to do is press and hold the contact or group and select the option “add conversation shortcut” and there you go, you can now see the contact’s shortcut on your home screen.

  1. Hide whatsapp images from your gallery

Even if you hide your chats or lock your chats from whatsapp, people can still see the media files, mainly pictures in your phone’s gallery which is also another threat to your privacy. Well, there is also another trick for that as doing this will hide your whatsapp images folder hence no one will ever be able to view your images from whatsapp.

  1. Get Whatsapp notifications on your laptop or computer

Whatsapp added a new feature called the Whatsapp web which would simply allow you to chat or access your Whatsapp account via your laptop or PC. Well, there is another application called Pushbullet which is a great application that will cast your notifications to your laptop and all you need to do download the application and log in and get the extension of Pushbullet in your chrome browser and log in with the same account.

  1. Whatsapp Chat Heads

Love the way Facebook messenger is designed? You can get the same sort of chat heads in whatsapp too but to get that feature, you will have to root your android device. All you need to do is download the application called Whatsapp Chat Heads in your rooted android device and there you go, you can enjoy the Chat Heads with different colors and can even set different notifications colors too.


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Recover Deleted Notifications On Your Android Phone

Most of the people ignore notifications pop up on their Android Smartphones. So these all notifications get deleted as a result. In this guide, you will know how to recover your important notifications on your Android phone.

Majority of users delete their notifications instantaneously. But then they realize may some of them will be important. In that case you don’t know how to recover them, this article will help you to cope up with this situation.

So without further delay, let’s dig in this tutorial. But do remember that this guide is only for Android Smartphones. You can’t apply this guide to any other operating system.


  • First thing to do is long tap on home screen of your android smartphone.
  • Until you get the Settings Shortcut widget, keep swiping to the left.
  • Now you to do long tap on Setting Shortcut widget until you get on home screen of your Android phone. Now drag this shortcut on your home screen of mobile phone.
  • Afterwards, open Setting Shortcut, scroll down to Notification Log and tap on it.
  • In this way you will have notification log on your home screen.
  • Next thing you will have all the notifications of your phone.

Now you know how to recover deleted notifications from your Android smartphone. I hope this guide will be really helpful for Android users. As most of the users don’t pay attention to the complexity of Android operating system. Above cited tutorial is pretty easy to learn.

So like you there are many people who need this guide. If you like the guide then please share it on social media profiles, so that this can help many other android users who are unaware of recovering notifications on their mobiles. You can comment below in case you have any query.

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